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Mozilla Firefox, or simply Firefox, is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards. In 2017, Firefox began incorporating new technology under the code name Quantum to promote parallelism and a more intuitive user interface.

Firefox was created in 2002 under the codename "Phoenix" by the Mozilla community members who desired a standalone browser, rather than the Mozilla Application Suite bundle. During its beta phase, Firefox proved to be popular with its testers and was praised for its speed, security, and add-ons compared to Microsoft's then-dominant Internet Explorer 6. Firefox was released on November 9, 2004, and challenged Internet Explorer's dominance with 60 million downloads within nine months. Firefox is the spiritual successor of Netscape Navigator, as the Mozilla community was created by Netscape in 1998 before their acquisition by AOL.

Firefox sucks because Mozilla just does not have the cash and resources to keep going in the face of the competition from Google. Chrome is now the only relevant force in the Browser market; they command over 60% of the market while all other browsers scrape by with less than 15%.

Neil D. shared in "Printing in FireFox absolutely sucks. There is no icon for printing or right-click option. It seems to be capable of only printing the first page of a multi-page email. Disgraceful." while Michelle B. wrote that it's incredibly slow and scrolling is very rough if it scrolls at all "They don't own up to their problems and issues. Instead, they give long, confusing lists of things to try to fix their many glitches that never work"


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Former Employee - Team Member says

"I worked at Mozilla full-time for more than 3 years Cons: - Mozilla is struggling to create a sustainable financial model that doesn't require cash from Google( the company they claim are destroying user privacy) -Bully behavior is common here and people who are favorites get away with it. This is a place for people who are extremely extroverted people who loves to step on other people's shoes & can play politics. If you don't fall under that category you might feel overwhelmed. Employees are not treated well, they fall victim of too much politics and are scared to speak up and express themselves. -Mozilla has a racially charged environment, being a person of minority race I have faced discrimination on many levels. Their focus is not on being fair to people of color, their focus is on looking good to the outside world. -Leaders are not trusting of their team and they decide to micro-manage which slows down execution. Employees feel over-worked and stressed due to lack of direction & politics, which results in making mistakes. Developing employees is not on the agenda for HR and leaders, they are too busy playing politics."

Former Employee - Staff Software Engineer says

"I worked at Mozilla full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Mozilla has become a more business-oriented hierarchical model in its structure over the past five years and has steadily declined as a flat organization that acknowledges, encourages, or engages the open-source community that once made it great. Ideas now come from the top and not from within. It has continued to struggle to create a sustainable financial model that doesn't require regular and generous financial infusions of cash from Google and other search providers. The very companies that Mozilla deems as the organizations that are destroying privacy on the web. Roughly a year ago (2019), senior leadership pushed through raises for all employee bands (IC and management). Senior management, in particular, received significant pay increases. The now CEO received millions of dollars in inducements for leading a steady ship that hit it's target goals. At the end of the year the senior leadership team decided to cut costs [unrelated to COVID-19] and without ceremony embarked on a layoff of it's higher-paid, and more senior staff while largely leaving the director and above level untouched. This is the same group that received pay increases and bonuses for staying on target. Mozilla is a shadow of its once great self and the psychological safety that allowed for groundbreaking ideas to germinate and go-to-market are long over. Mozilla ungenerously executed a layoff into one of the most difficult economic events in the history of the current generation while it's leadership team financially benefited. Pair this against companies within the tech space which have fought to prevent layoffs and Mozilla does not measure up to the challenge."


"I worked at Mozilla Cons: Poor management decisions and really sad and slow immigration process Immigration team is a sham Extremely slow and delayed immigration processes - almost non existent and blindsided policies . They keep you waiting till you are out of status . Poor immigration lawyers as well If you need immigration assistance DONOT apply for Mozilla ."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Mozilla full-time for more than 8 years Cons: The entire c-suite has abandoned ship in the past 12 months. Leaving a bunch of vacancies and interim leaders who have no vision except "return desktop to growth" which is impossible. Layoffs hit and those who are laid off were critical. Claim that innovation is important, but shutter the innovation team. Impossible to get promoted unless you suck up to a VP or C-level, then you can go from an L2 to a senior director in a few years."

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"I have been working at Mozilla full-time for more than 5 years Cons: I have no idea where to begin. Legends say that when a nation falls, there are telltale signs. Pestilence, waters turning blood. rampant immorality... Mozilla had its fair share of signs, and only people who are in denial are people who spent too long to break out of their spell. A true to life imitation of the novel Animal Farm, its recent history is riddled with 70-people layoff, announcement that they will use volunteers for bug triage, CEO resigning citing personal reasons telling everyone they are not in crisis (actually most of C-level exec bailed out last year - when a ship sinks, rats flee first). A lot of really great engineers also have left, and that void is filled by political animals and young new hires who think they are superstars. Browser war is over, and only people who won't accept it are Mozilla people. They need to pivot away and do something new, but best thing they could come up was more ads, which they claim they are against. Their last chance was Firefox OS. - It won't be around for long - If you are a junior engineer, you get a false sense of confidence thinking that you know more than you actually do - Senior management is composed of incompetent and clueless people. Only thing they are good at is deluding the people who drank too much of koolaid."

Former Employee - Staff Engineer says

"I worked at Mozilla full-time for more than 3 years Cons: I read recently about the seven types of companies you should never work for. Mozilla checks all the boxes. Most good engineers have fled. No direction. Uninspiring and dishonest CEO who sets outlandish growth goals that are quietly buried once missed. Time for me to move on."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Mozilla full-time Cons: Imagine you are watching game of thrones - this is how it plays out in the Mozilla world. A CEO who doesn't know how to be a CEO. A staff to the CEO that is plotting behind, around, in front of --- all the while churning chaos, confusion and discord throughout. Throw in a reorg and bring in the king in the north...opps... nope. Killed that one. Back to basics --- wait, firefox use-base is still shrinking? despite everything banked on quantum? despite giving monster promos to all kinds of folks, just because? And then take an HR department that has 80%+ turnover on a YoY basis. In case you're wondering, HR folks tend to be change averse. So they stick around longer than normal. If an HR org have high turnover, that's a culture worthy of a game of thrones cliffhanger. Not to mention that diversity and inclusion is just an echo chamber here."

Digital Marketing Manager says

"I worked at Mozilla for more than a year Cons: To Quote an earlier review " I was hired to bring new ideas and ways of thinking to my team. After a few months, I realized that all I had done was spin my wheels and do things "the way it's always been done" I found there was no true mission or course of action. It was just to stay busy rather than productive. And I was met with a lot of passive-aggressiveness (surprise!) from jump street since my concern was with productivity. "Oh this guy came up with a good idea...let's stomp all over it because we didn't think of it!" The "diversity" (quotes intentional) and the constant talk about it is a joke. It's a no-win scenario for you to gain any type of traction or respect if you're not... 1. A woman 2. A white male 3. A non assertive, non-white male People who offer any type of push back or straightforwardness (especially if you don't meet the "diversity" criteria) are ultimately setup to fail. And treated as such. I've never had to deal with so much insecurity, passive-aggressiveness, victim mentality and finger pointing in my career."

Current Employee - IT Engineer says

"I have been working at Mozilla full-time Cons: To echo some previous reviews; Middle managers with nothing to do but micromanage, emotional abuse, complete lack of direction at a team/project level and at a company level. I was hired to bring new ideas and ways of thinking to my team. After a few months, I realized that all I had done was spin my wheels and do things "the way it's always been done". Because of this, I, like many others have lost all motivation to care and are hoping someone will wake up. For these reasons and a hundred more, I could never find myself recommending Mozilla to anyone unless Mozilla and really turn the ship around."

Former Employee - Program Manager says

"I worked at Mozilla full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management is rotten to the core. The company is very top heavy with some 30 executives that travel the world first class to have meetings in lavish places but in the end nothing comes from it. The company hasn't had a coherent strategy ever since Brendan Eich left. Mozilla is supposedly a tech company but the CEO lacks any technical expertise or vision. Of the 30 executives maybe one knows how to write code. The rest of them are friends of the new CEO. Grifters and looters. He drove out all the executives who built Mozilla."

Former User says

"I used to use Firefox as my main browser years ago. Chrome was still in it\'s infancy, and Chromium forks like Brave and Vivaldi were non existent. Firefox was more private and was generally a good browser. as time went on Chrome became more dominant and Firefox became worse. Nowadays, Mozilla who owns Firefox gets paid over 400 million dollars from the company they were supposed to be against... Google! Add to that the fact that they laid off over 200 employees while calling for \"more than deplatforming\" and you get a leftist, extremist, facist, SJW cancel culture company with no good worth! Their browser isn\'t getting any better, but Mozilla is getting woker and becoming the monster they were against! As for my replacement, I use Vivaldi, although it\'s not perfect. Brave is spyware. Brave is not as customizable either. Vivaldi is not 100% Open Source, but at least most of it is and they provide a ton of great features that can\'t be found in other browsers."

cel says

"firefox should be removed from the net "

ihatefirefox says

"I got a blue screen of death from opening firefox."

Edgar says

"Too many features too often with too many uncontrollable UI changes. I have production needs that I need so I have to have a production level that is working for me. I do not need to have YouTube playing when I hover over a display. I do not need the YouTube window to show up in the Stanyby screen. I do not need a drop down whenever I move the mouse. I do not need to become a CSS expert just to use the Bulky, SLOW piece of CRAP which FireFox forces me to become. The extensions change and become more worthless over time because they have to maintain comparability with the worthless features introduced with each release. What is the purpose of the release cycle? They unasked features. The inability of not being able to control them? Why don\'t you clowns (the community and developers) go to IBM and learn for them on how to design and build useful products. "

pure cinnamon roll says

"I will not use a browser that censors content its creators politically disagree with. Uninstalled and will be using a new browser from now on. You are an evil upon this world for seeking to silence people you disagree with. Shame on you."

dean harvey says

"Will not use a browser that is political."

eyerobot says

"Today Mozilla has united with the communist news networks against our president, and our people. Do you really think your data is safe in the hands of communists?"

Mike Canolog says

"Forcing another update in less than week! If I wanted a head ache I would have installed Chrome. Time to find another browser!"

Serpent1989 says

"I got the same problem as “Mandy”, who wrote her review on 9th September 2020. I do have a QQ account, which is a Chinese chat software, and so far I never had any problems entering my QQ ShuoShuo. This is like your own blog page, that you got automatically with your QQ account. The problem is Firefox. A year ago everything was fine, but since an update, as far as I remember, I can only barely log into my ShuoShuo again, as Firefox always keeps telling me that it cannot build up a safe connection! Hello Mozilla, QQ is absolutely safe! The funny thing is, you cannot create any exception either. So, over the day I have to try numerous times, until Firefox suddenly decides to let me into my ShuoShuo. There are days when I can barely enter ShuoShuo and sometimes there are days when I can enter it more often. It is completely random, but I can guarantee you that it got nothing to do with QQ, which I use since 2009, so I am not new into this. It is all caused only by Mozilla Firefox and nothing else. That means, if Firefox believes, far away from actually knowing, if the website is safe or not, then they just won’t let you in, although they cannot proof to you if they tell you the truth or not. Call me a conspiracy theorist now, but think about what could happen if the government is making usage of that “function” and one day Firefox only allows you to enter government-controlled webpages. Funny, all kinds of explicit adult webpages, Torrents and Warez webpages etc. are not banned by Firefox at all, although everybody knows how dangerous they are for your online safety, but a Chinese blog site, by a well-known Chinese company (Tencent) is considered a danger by Firefox????? So, if you got kids, they can watch explicit adult stuff all the time or download a virus, while they are trying to get a video game or music which they do not want to pay for, but cannot not enter their own blog webpage. Absolutely disgusting! I will now search for a different web browser from a different company!"

Fred Flintstone says

"Update this year just sucks.... Building on previous good work has been completely lost 🤦"

Lego_Lachlan says

"I will never use Firefox again unless I have to. You can't search for anything without getting an explicit result of some sort. See ya Firefox, Chrome is way better."

Slim Pickens says

"Installed it, 1st thing that popped up is a "recommended" story bashing our duly elected president by the NYT. Adios Foxfire, no better than Google's bull!"

Marc Compte says

"Crashes too often on my Ubuntu 18. Sometimes it forces you to restart the whole application, making you lose valuable information. And then, after you reset, sometimes you lose all the tabs you had earlier. And also, sometimes it will just not work, no matter whether you clean up the cache or not. I have managed to install 3 different versions of it, none of them working properly."

Mandy says

"Used firefox for few years now, but for some reason, firefox seem to be blocking ALL good trusted sites. I have not been able to access my ISP web address, and cannot add exception. They seem to be getting more and more like google, Gov etc, wanting to control there customers. They have really gone down the pan over the last year. Hopeless and they claim they want to keep the internet free & support us, the customer. Sure is a funny way to show you support customers/users."

currykid says

"I,ve always used firefox and had no problems,till a week ago, my computer started to go slow 3 or 4 minutes to load a page did a virus scan of the entire computer with avast and then virus. as I had a firefox update recently as a last hope I uninstalled firefox and started using opera...what a difference my computer's back to normal, why don't these updates improve a program.."

Raymond says

"I switched to using Firefox most of the time and rated it highly. Last week I would have given it 5, but the recent update has left me completely surprised at what I regard as a big backward step. Operating regularly with several tabs and changing from one to another with just one click, one now has no instant visual tabs. Unless I am missing something after two days, one has to click on one of your regular websites list in your collection and select the one you want to switch to and wait for it to load, instead of it being instantly available on one of the tabs at the top of the screen. The collection does not all stay on the screen to enable switching from one site /tab to another instantly like before. I have already switched back to using Google Chrome. But will happily correct this review if I am missing something about the latest update or not setting it up right."

Consumer says

"What have you done - just had to remove firefox from my phone - they have messed with everything. I an not your toy so f/off"

R Faul says

"Firefox updated without warning on my tablet. OMG what a mess. Slow, cumbersome, constant crashes. Prior to this development Firefox was a more than adequate browser for me, but these changes have left me bewildered as to what Mozilla are trying to achieve. Bewildered and looking for another browser."